Miley Cyrus-Miles To Go(Re-Print)

Miley has re-released her best-selling book Miles to Go with FIVE brand new chapters and as paperback! Make sure you pick up a copy today. Check a preview below of the new chapters!

7 Things i’ve done since this book first came out:
1. Made a new CD
2. Made a new movie
3. Hung out with friends and family
4. Recorded a song with an old friend
5. Saw Hannah Montana get to the big screen!
6. Got a goat! (Thanks Daddy!)
7. Became addicted to Twitter! (and then deleted it!)

“This is at a new point in my life, and things are totally changing. But like the sunsets I saw on Tybee Island, the miles i’ve already gone are going to stay with me.” – Miley Cyrus ♥
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