Hannah Montana Last Season

Miley Ray Cyrus' groundbreaking Disney Channel series Hannah Montana has finally been canceled after years of speculation. Disney confirmed to the New York Post on Friday that Hannah Montana begins shooting its fourth and final season Jan. 18, concluding this summer.
Hannah Montana's season three finale 'Is Miley Saying Goodbye?' airs in mid-March. Disney Channel executive Andy Bonnett said: 'It's one of the things [her character Miley Stewart] has been wrestling with for months. Whether it's time to make a decision to continue being Hannah Montana or just be a regular, ordinary girl.' Season four premieres 'in late spring' and will air throughout 2010-2011.
Im not really surprised that hannah montana is ending because most live televison shows end in its fourth season. They have been working on this show for 5 Years & Its had a sucessful run on disney channel just like "Thats So Raven" & "Lizzie Mcguire" and that show will go down in disney channel history as one of the top rated show:] so good luck to the cast in the future & hopefully they still entertain us in the future.


DC Dude said...

i really like how you say this show will be going down in history because it really will! not only the show, but the cast as well! the main three are going onto bigger and better things. miley is actually a good actress when she's not on a soundstage. emily is an awesome singer and will probably continue on with disney channel. mitchel is singing and acting still with disney and that will take him far! even though i'm not the biggesrt hannah fan, i have to give them props for all that they've done.