The Princess & The Frog

The story, set in Jazz Age New Orleans, features Disney's first major African-American female lead and its most extensive black cast. It also is the first hand-drawn animated feature from the studio since 2004's Home on the Range.

Starting off in New Orleans, the film centers on hardworking waitress Tiana , who saves every dime in hopes of opening the restaurant that was the dream of her late father. Tiana is sidetracked by some dark magic after Prince Naveen, a jazz-loving dreamboat from a land far, far away, comes to sample the vibrant New Orleans music.
Naveen falls under the spell of voodoo practitioner Dr. Facilier, who turns the prince into a talking frog as part of a plan to unleash his evil "friends on the other side" in New Orleans.

The frog prince encounters Tiana dressed as royalty at a costume ball in the mansion of her childhood pal Charlotte and her genteel dad. The inevitable kiss Naveen talks Tiana into doesn't restore his human form, though. Rather, Tiana is transformed into a frog herself, and the two wind up pursued by Facilier's evil allies through swamp country.

I Think Movie Is For All Races & I Think Everyone Will Love It:] Enjoy!


remona said...

more than every thing The princess and the frog movie renders marvelous message to movie lovers as it showed every one should work hard more than wishing upon stars. i admire that theme and through out the movie this theme was emphasized.