Wizards Of Waverley Place:The Movie(Disney Dude Review)

Yesterday Premiered The Disney Channel Original Movie Wizards Of Waverley Place. I Really Enjoyed It. In The Beginning It Was Alittle Boring When They Were Still In New York In The Subway Station,But Then It Started To Pick Up When They Were In The Caribbeans. The Real Magic Happened When Alex Made A Mistake & Wished The Wrong Wish>.<,So Alex & Justin Went To Search For The Stone Of Dreams & Max Had To Watch After There "Parents" lol. I Think The Funniest Parts & The Saddest Were With Max,I Think He Made The Movie With His Humor & The Father Made It Even Funnier(In My Opinion). This Movie Was Surprisingly Sad Escpecially When Alex Won The Family Magic & Justin Didnt Remeber Who She Was & She Started Crying,That showed The True Alex & How She Really Felt About Her Family. In All It Was A Great Movie & I Recommend Seeing It Again.