Disney Entertainment Summer/Fall Releases

Hannah Montana:The Movie-August 18,2009
Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana DVD-September 22,2009
Jonas Vol.1-September 22,2009
Sonny With A Chance Vol.1-August 25,2009
Wizards Of Waverly Place Soundtrack-August 4,2009
Jonas:The Video Game-November 22,2009
Wizards Of Waverley Place:The Video Game-August 25,2009
Toy Story Mania!:The Video Game-September 15,2009
Disney's A Christmas Carol:The Video Game-November 30,2009
Disney Sing It: Pop Hits-September 30,2009
Aliens in the Attic:Video Game-August 4,2009
Selena Gomez Debut Album-Fall 2009