Demi Lovato-Here We Go Again:DDE Review

  1. Here We Go Again-9/10(Its A Good Single,& Perfect Way To Start Out The CD)

  2. Solo-10/10(I Really Like This Song & Her Voice Is So Strong On The Track)

  3. U Got Nothing On Me-9.5/10(This Feels Like Such An Impowerment Song,Meaning It Takes Control & I Love It!)

  4. Falling Over Me-8/10(I Like This Song Alot But Its Missing Something?I Dont Know What LOL)

  5. Quiet-11/10(I Absolutly LOVE This Song!Its The Top On Her Album!Its A Slow But Fast Song,The Best!)

  6. Catch Me-9.5/10(This Song Is Perfect For Her Voice & The Lyrics Are So Deep=])

  7. Everytime You Lie-15/10(I Think This Is THE BEST SONG ON THE CD YET!Its A Straight To The Point Song & I Love The Vocals!)

  8. Got Dynamite-14/10(I Honestly Dont Know Why I LOVE This Song But I Do:)Its Such A Punk Rock Song & She Kills It=])

  9. Stop The World-10/10(This Was Written By Demi & Nick J,& I Really Love The Lyrics & The Mid-Tempo Beat=])

  10. World Of Chances-10/10(This Is Where She Slows It Down & Puts Her All In The Song & It Shows I Really Love It)

  11. Remember December-12/10(I Loved This Song When I Heard It Live & I Love It Even More On The CD!)

  12. Everything Your Not-9/10(This Song Is Really Growing On Me & IS Becoming One Of My Favorites)

Overall-I Didnt Review The Last 2 Bouns Songs Because Well Of Course I Like Them=]This CD,To Me,Has To Be One Of The Best CD's Of The Summer & Possibly Of The Year Of All The Disney Stars,She Has Worked With Big Time Celebritys To Write & Produce Music For Her Album,& It Shows How Much She Has Progressed From Her 1st CD,So I HIGHLY Recommend U Go Out & Buy Her CD!

Best Song-Everytime You Lie