Demi Lovato & David Archuleta Updates

Since David Archuleta Has Entered The Disney Scene I Wil Be Posting His Music & Stuff On The Blog(& Plus I Think His Music Is Good & He Seems Pretty Cool).This IS The Week The Tour Starts And It Starts This Sunday!And Im Going That Thursday! YAY While Demi Is On Tour With David,She Will Be Promoting Her New CD "Here We Go Again" & Her New Movie Princess Protection Program! While David Has Been Hard At Work Recording Twon New CDs! He Has Just Finished Recording His New Christmas CD(Which Is Coming Out Later This Year),And He Has Also Been Writing & Recording New Music For His Sophmore Album! These 2 Stars Will Be Hard At Work this Summer & I Cant Wait To Hear The New Stuff From Them.Plz Go Out & Support These Artisist,They Have Put There Heart & Soul Into What They Do & I Apprieciate What They Do=]