High School Musical 3 [[My Reveiw]]

My Grade:A+

Hey Guys!!! Im Back Which Means All New Posts!! Alright Now Yesterday Night I Saw High School Musical 3!!! It Was One Of The Best Movies Of October!!! Even 2008!!! I Loved It From The Begining To The End! Kenny O Really Brought His A Game To This Movie! Zac Efron(Troy) Acting In This Movie Was 100 Times Better Than In High School Musical 1. He Has Grown Up Into A Mature Adult and He Is Learning To Take Action On His Own Life. Vanessa Hudgens(Gabriella) Shined Throught The Whole Movie, Without Her There Wouldn't Be A High School Musical And She Really Closed The Show Right. Ashley Tisdale(Sharpay), My Favorite, Brought Her A Game With Diamonds On The Side!!! She Came In The Picture With Her Head Held High Ready To Start Her Senior Year Off! And She STOLE The Whole Show With I Want It All (1 Of The Biggest Scences In The Movie).She Ended The Year Off Right and Let Others Know That Sharpay was Here To Stay! Lucus Grabeel(Ryan),He Has Really Put Is Leash Away(From His Sister) And Picked Up His Dancing Shoes!! He Has The Strongest Voice In The Movie And He's Letting Everyone Hear IT!!! Monique Coleman(Taylor),This Whiz Kid Is All Grown Up And Nothing Is Stopping Her From Becoming The President Of The United States.She Has A Good Head On Her Sholders And A Boyfriend On The Other(Chad) And If She Can Handle Both She Can Become Anything She Wants! and Last But Not Least, Corbin Bleu(Chad),Chad Has His Head In The Game And Its Not Coming Out!! He Has Been Focused On 1 Thing Since The Beginig And We All Know What That Is(No Not Troy)lol, And With The Basketball In His Hands and His Friends Next To Him, He Can Go Anywhere!!! In All This Was A VERY Fun and Also VERY Sad Movie!!! The Musicals Were BIGGER!!! The Emotions Were Running Wild!!! And The Graduation Was BIGG!!! So Go Out And Get Your Ticket,Get Some Popcorn, And Go Watch HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3!!!


Jukes said...

Well i went to watch high school musical 3. coz I was obsessed with Saw. its wonderful presentation by disney anyhow.