Jordan Pruitt-Voice Of An Angel

Jordan Pruitt Is Another One Of Those Stars Who Has The Biggest Voice Heard Around The World But Nobody Wants To Listen. Jordan Pruitts New CD "Permission To Fly" Has hit Stores This Tuesday And I Hope People Will Go Out And Support This Talented Young Lady. She One Of The Best Voices I Have Ever Heard,I Just Heard Her New CD And It Is One Of The Best CD(I Think) Of 2008.Yeah The Jonas Brothers Are Good,Yeah Demi Lovato Is Amazing,And Of Course Miley Cyrus has Stage Presence,But Jordan Pruitt Has One Thing That All Of The Other Stars Don't Have....SOUL. Don't Get Me Wrong The Jonas Brothers,Demi Lovato,& Miley Cyrus Are REALLY Good,But They Don't Compare To Jordan. And I Feel Really Bad For Her Because I Go On Different Blogs And I Alwayz See "The Jonas Brothers","Demi Lovato",And "Selena Gomez" on banners and artist of the month, but i never see jordan pruitt. She Has Been Out Longer Than Demi & Selena but she never gets that attention that they do. I Am NOT Writing To Say That I Don't like demi,selena,jonas,or miley(because trust me i adore all of them), Im Just Saying Give This Girl Who Is Trying TO Make It Big A Chance.=]And Remember Go Out And Get A Copy Of "Permission To Fly" Now
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Agree!!!! 100 percent!

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