Jonas Brothers:A Little Bit Longer In Stores Tomorrow

Tomorrow Is The Big Day For All Jonas Brothers Fans!!!! The Highly Anticipated Album Dropps In Stores Tomorrow And I Am Definitley Gunna By It!!! Im Getting My Copy From Target($9.98) ,or Wal-Mart($9.72).So Go Out Tomorrow And Support The Jonas Brothers And FINALLY Make Them #1!!!!


Juliana said...

Hey, I'm Juliana. I was browsing and found your blog. I love the Jonas Brothers--remember when they were playing "Year 3000" on Disney Channel all the time? That seems like such a long time ago now. They've really gotten big.

Jonny said...

Target Exclusive:
Exclusive CD With DVD
Unknown Title (Bonus Track)

Wal-Mart Exclusive:
Live To Party (Bonus Track)

The CD is in CD+VU format, I dunno about the CD+DVD.