Miley Cyrus-Breakout(My Reveiw)

Today I Brought my copy of "Breakout" at Target and here is my review:

This song is perfect to start the cd off!

2.7 Things-8/10
The song Is Very Punk Rock, Doesn't Match The Rest of the Cd,But its still Good

3. The Driveway-8/10
I feel that the lyrics are really meaning full, but its missing something

4.Girls Just Want To Have Fun-6/10
It Seems Too Rushed And, Theres Hardly any Miley

5.Full Circle-9/10
I Like This Song Alot! Perfect For The CD

6.Fly on The Wall-10/10
I Absolutley Love This Song!!! Its Perfect For Her Breakout and It Kinda Reminds Of My Favorite Song Of All Time(See You Again)

7.Bottom Of The Ocean-11/10
This Song Is Soooo Touching,Its Completley Different From Meet Miley/Hannah Montana
Excellent!!!Miley Brought Her A Game(and Her Vocals)

8.Wake Up America-10/10
When I First Heard It,I Thought It Was Alright, But Then I Heard The Rest Of The Song and Fell In Love With It. (Go Green)(An Eco Anthem)Love IT!!!

9.These Four Walls-9/10
The Original Was O.k, But Miley Brought Something Special To The Song(her Country Twang Matched The Song)

10.Simple Song-10/10
This Song Is COMPLETLEY different And Its Really Good, She Goes From Anger(Not Screaming) to Angelic With The lalalala's in the song!!! Perfect Song For Her Voice(and lyrics are very meaningful)

This Song Is A Goodbye song(like the title) and almost all girls(14-17) can connect to this song(but i'm not a girl so i can relate to a situation with my girlfriends)

12.See You Again(Rock Mafia Remix)-8/10
I LOVE the Song,The Remix Is O.k

In All This CD Is Defintiley A Breakout For Miley Cyrus, She Has Really Grown Lyrically and Voice wise. She Brought Something Different In Each Song,and in every song somebody can relate no matter if your her #1 Fan or A Hater. But I Recommend This Cd To Not Just Girls(Boys Too),and too Teens(14-17) because i don't think kid fans 5-11 will understand what she's singing about=)lol. Miley Cyrus Has Definitley Broken Out With This CD. and Hopefull It Will Be Her 3rd #1 CD!!!


Miley Cyrus News said...

Nice review. I don't know if I agree with all the songs, but I enjoyed reading it.

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