M&M Cru With A U is Gunna Dominate The Dance Floor(Miley & Mandy)

Be sure to watch!

Monday: The Carson Daly Show on NBC @ 1:30am (technically Tuesday morning) for a sneak peek!

Tuesday: Premier! 7pm PST youtube.com/mileymandy

Wednesday: On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Mandy and the director Cole Walliser will be chatting with Ryan about the video.

As Some Of YOu May Know The Biggest Internet Dance Off Between Miley & Mandy n ACDC has been blowing up youtube and now tomorrow is the bigg day for miley and mandy because 2morrow she will end the battle with a BIG BANG=)i'm really excited and i know their going to win!!!


Anonymous said...

no they are nottt because acdc is wayyy better then themm hunn , acdc will dominatee