Miley Cyrus:''Breakout'' Star of 2008

Miley Cyrus ''15'' is known for Her Role in Hannah Montana, and is now mostley known for her internet picture scandel and her Vanity Fair photo scandel also(which i think miley did not have to apoplogize for,the pics were all pretty). Miley has laid low for most of the week. Miley was a performer at The Disney Channel Games 2008 and sang See You Again and new songs Fly on the Wall,and Breakout. At the end of her performance she saw a sign in the audience that said ''miley i am praying for you'' and she thanked all her fans for sticking with her through her rough times. I Think that was the nicest thing to do, point outt a fans sign and aknowledge it=)Miley's life is turning around and hopefully she is on the right track!!! Miley is working on the 3rd installment for Hannah Montana(3rd season),working on the new Movie ''Hannah Montana the movie'',Her 3-D movie ''Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds Concert'' comes to DVD August 19, AND HER NEW CD (SUPPOSEDLY TITLED) ''BREAKOUT'' COMES OUT JULY 22,2008 (OFFICIAL DATE,and will be hosting this years Teen Choice Awards 2008. I'm SOOOOOO excited for the cd and i know it's going to be great=) Congrats Miley