Banner Contest: Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana Best Of Both Worlds Concert TOur

Hey Guys To Start Off My Re-Entering of the site, i want to start a banner contest of the girl i love miley cyrus/hannah montana, so here's what i'm looking for:

1.Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Pictures[of course]
2.colors-blue,purple,yellow,black,a [little bit of]pink
3.You may include the jonas brothers performing with hannah
4.Will Have 2 Winners
5.Deadline:March 15[2 days before st.patrick's day]
6.Have Lots of Fun

Prizes[of course]
1.Your Banner Posted On The Blog For A WHOLE month and i will make sure it is up there too=)
2.When the Hannah Montana:The Best of Both Worlds Concert (CD + DVD) comes out i will download both CD/DVD[bloggers only get the cd]
3.Will be The MOTM[Member of the month]

Here Are Some Pictures I Would Like On The Banner: