Not What It Seems-Selena Gomes

Here's The Theme Song To Wizards Of Waverley Place

DL: http://www.divshare.com/download/2268161-4be


Anonymous said...

Hey Dude
Just Fought a would Write To You =]
You Got Msn a Do
Mines Is Shaz28294@hotmail.com
If yoyur Wanting It
cya Soon

Anonymous said...

i luv salena!! she is soooo adorable and a grerat lactress!!! ttfn (ta ta for now)

Anonymous said...

i also luv selena gomez, she is sooo...pretty and a great role model...some people try to compare selena with miley as in who is prettier i say that selena is prettier becuz miley has really ugly teeth...anyway my point is that selena is just better then miley...but u miley fans dont get offended if u luv miley and hate selena that is ur opinion, not mine... everybody has thier own opinions...