Good-Bye Sabrina Bryan(Cry)

I Am So Upset Sabrina Bryan Got Voted Off Yesterday On Dacing With The Stars!!!!!I Am Soo Upset Over This!!!!!This is an Outrage It's Not Fair!!!!There Are Two Old Ladies That Got A Score Lower Then Sabrina And The Stayed The Can't Even Dance!!!!And Half Of Hit Is Americ's Fault!!!!I Voted!!!!Whats America's Excuse!!!!!I Hate That Show Sooooooo Much Know With Her On It!!!!She Was The Best!!!!Even The Judges Thought She Was Going To Make It To The Finals!!!!!!!!SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO UPSET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mysteria said...

I'm still really upset too. She definitely would have made it if America would VOTE! She actually would have won. Urgh I'm so mad about this.

Matty said...

i live in the uk and i was watching it and i was like omg as if she's gone... she shud of been in the final!

Anonymous said...

I was upset about it too but, I really think that he is a little to old 4 her but i guess it's her choice.