R.L Stien The Hatunting Hour:Don't Think About It=) CONTEST

The all new movie featuring hannah montana's emily osment and cody linley. These characters they are playing are VERY different from hannah montana so don't excpect happy=)lol anyway's i can't wait for the movie to come out so in spite of the new Relese i am haveing a BANNER CONTEST=)1st Place Winner Will Of Course Have There Banner Up All Month and Fan of the month and total accsess too my site they can have whatever they want=)2nd Place Will have there banner up for the month of October=)3rd Place will get fan Of The Month=)You Have Until SEptember 1st So Get Started=) and if you can make me a halloweened theme banner you will get an extra prize=)So Remember HAVE FUN

p.s-Please Enter ALL Banners In The Comment Box


Alex G. said...

I am working on it!!

Anonymous said...

Can a person enter more than one banner in this contest?

Disney Dude said...

anonymous-yes u can can have only 3 the most=)and you HAVE to Enter a name

Kelly said...

Hello. Here are my two banners.



The second one isn't orange and black because it didn't go with the photo. =\ Hope they're okay.

Kelly C